Japan Ecotourism Society

Who We Are

For travelers who care about our mother Earth

Japan Ecotourism Society is a Non-Government Organization that aims to promote the concept of ecotourism as well as to create and educate eco tourists in Japan. We welcome everyone to become new members and join in our activities.

What is Ecotourism?

Ecotourism -the travel that meet and interact with local attraction

Ecotourism aims to activate local economies by providing tourists with opportunities to experience local attractions accompanied by competent interpreters while preserving local resources such as natural environment, the culture and historical heritages.
The concept of Ecotourism is based on Conservation and Preservation of unique local resources. The keywords are environmental conservation, originality of the locals, and excitement.

Our Mission

  • Promoting Ecotours
  • Promoting tourism that aims to stimulate the local economy
  • Social contribution for environment and culture through tourism

Our History

  • Established in March 1998
  • Certificated as a Non-Profit Organization by the Cabinet Office in February 2003
  • Certificated as a Non-Profit Organization by the Cabinet Office in February 2003

Who involves?

Ecotourism exists with the involvement of various types of people

Ecotourism needs at least five elements, namely, local communities, government, researchers, the tourism industry, and tourists who want to experience the real Japan. Ecotourism is supported by people from various backgrounds. JES defines this partnership as the pentagon of Ecotourism.

Our Action

Promoting Ecotourism

To promote ecotourism, JES supports people who work in ecotourism through activities such as organizing symposiums consulting, and providing information. There are many seminars and events that non members can also participate in . Please feel free to join our activities.

●JES provides an open forum for everyone who has an interest in ecotourism. We organize ecotourism seminars and study groups as follows:

-Eco2Cafe (Monthly
-JES Forum (Irregular event in Tokyo)
-Ecotour guide and ecotour producer Training Program
-Ecotour Recruiting Seminar
-Japan Ecotourism Student Symposium

●JES supports both local & central government, and the corporate sector in utilizing ecotourism

-Acting as ecotourism promotion projects (Ministry of Environment, Japan International Cooperation Agency)
-Dispatch of instructors and enforcement of consulting
-The Annual Ecotourism Symposium
-Promotion of ecology in the entire tourism industry

●JES supports people who practice ecotourism

-Practice of ecotour recommendation system “Good Ecotour” (language: japanese only)
-Introduction and promotion of ecotour guides (language: japanese only)
-Research on demand for ecotourism 
-Practice of ecotour insurance

●JES is connected by networks with domestic and international organizations

-Networks with international ecotourism promotion organizations such as The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)
-Networks with domestic ecotourism promotion organizations
-Networks with nature conservation, tourism, local activism related organizations

●JES provides ecotourism information

-Quarterly published magazine “Eco Tourism” 
-Organizing Ecotourism Certification Examination (Web version: japnese only)
JES Website (this page)
-Weekly email news
-Introduction and selling of ecotourism published material -Collection of ecotourism related documents
-Participation in ecotourism related events


Japan Ecotourism Society (JES)
IK Building 3F, Kami-Osaki 2-24-9
Shinagawa, Tokyo, JAPAN
tel:+81-3-5437-3080 fax:+81-3-5437-3081